Streams in the Desert

Providing “a Place to Call Home”

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 Zechariah 8:4 says: “Old men and old women shall again sit in the streets of Jerusalem, each one with his staff in his hand because of great age.”

 Zechariah 8:4 says: “Old men and old women shall again sit in the streets of Jerusalem, each one with his staff in his hand because of great age.”


The foundation of the ministry is prayer – prayer to our Covenant-keeping God. Helen writes:

When the Lord first gave me the vision, I knew it was beyond my abilities.

God reminded me of George Muller, a man who wanted to prove that God answers prayer. He saw the numerous orphans on the streets of Bristol, and decided to start homes for them – without making any appeals for money.

His testimony is amazing, the work grew until he had built a place to house 2,000 children. The finances came in without him asking anyone.

This is our basis – we pray in the funds that are needed, and have prayer partners who support us in prayer. We have proved God in the past, when we bought our first two houses. God indeed answers prayer! We also pray for the whole situation, and each and every resident and member of staff.

As it is vital to pray according to God’s will, we often use Scriptures, such as these verses from Matthew 7:7-8. They fit perfectly for our three main needs of the new project:

ASK     (for the release of finances), and it will be given you;

SEEK   (for the right people to assist), and you will find;

KNOCK   (on the door of the right land or buildings), and it will be opened to you.

We welcome you to join us as a prayer partner if the Lord puts us on your heart to do so.


Invite Helen Mears to come and share with your group. Helen shares on a number of subjects as well as the work in Israel. Plan a Passover Seder with her. Topics include:

  • A History of the work – she has been involved since 1994.
  • Has God finished with Israel?
  • Why should we help elderly people to leave their country and move to Israel?
  • Why should we specifically help elderly olim in Israel?
  • Is there really enough room for all the Jewish people in the Land of Israel?
  • Is it not too controversial to bring Jews to Israel, with all the danger of suicide bombs, terrorist attacks and disputes over territory?
  • Who does the Land belong to anyway?
  • More . . .


About Helen Mears

Helen, a district nurse and midwife, worked in England and Africa. In 1986 she was drawn to join a tour group to Israel. God had been speaking to her through His Word about her next step, but she was surprised during the tour to be reminded of those Scriptures and the fact that they referred to Israel.

Over the next few years Helen was a volunteer in Jerusalem. From 1992-94 she worked as a volunteer nurse in a hotel being used as an absorption centre for new immigrants from Russia. The majority of the residents were elderly. Helen was ably assisted by Galina, one of the residents, who translated into Russian for her.

However, their biggest need was a place to call “home”. In 1994 the Lord spoke to Helen that He wanted her to do something about it, and to establish a place for them. “Streams in the Desert” was born.