We currently support three previous residents

All of whom moved to the Diplomat Hotel in Jerusalem over ten years ago. The building was bought by the American Embassy, and eventually, In August 2021, the residents there were all moved to the Vert Hotel, near the Central Bus Station. This is intended to be a temporary move while a new building is constructed.

  1. ALEXANDRA had a rough time after she moved to the Diplomat Hotel, and then to a care home. However, she is now in a wonderful care unit in Kiryat Gat, and is flourishing there.
  2. SARA is still in the Vert Hotel, but she is very isolated especially as her mobility is decreasing. As a very outgoing person she needs people and activities to keep her going, so she has applied to move to a care home.
  3. HAVA is content in the Vert. Her biggest problem is deafness, and she has finally agreed to get hearing aids! She often visits Sara who is eleven floors above her.
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