“Is this not the fast that I have chosen . . . That you bring to your house the poor who are cast out?” Isaiah 58:7

Personal Stories

Lydia & Vitali 2

Upon arrival in Israel Lydia said to our staff, 'Thank you, I've kept my promise.'

This was a promise made 83 years earlier to her grandfather!

God hears the promises we make - and never forgets them. He helps us keep those promises when they are in accordance with His will.

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maria-300x209 (1)

“If it wasn’t for you, I’d be dead by now!” Maria said tearfully after she arrived.

Maria was found walking the streets of Moldova to avoid her alcoholic daughter who would beat her and steal from her when she was drunk. Her plight was brought to our attention, and we quickly processed her application to come to our House of Refuge in Israel.

The love that she received, she passed on to others.

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Esther and Solomon made Aliyah from Russia, coming directly to our house, Beit Haverim (literally ‘House of Friends’).

They were so thrilled to be in Beit Haverim! As Esther always said: "The place where we are is a paradise!"

The presence of such a precious couple as Solomon and Esther brought a “normality” to the home where we had so many single people.

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Arkadi was born in 1923 in a shtetl (a Jewish settlement) near Vinnitsa, Ukraine.

In his lifetime he survived famine, narrowly escaped Nazi massacres, fought and was injured in multiple battles in World War 2, and endured severe environmental pollution to live to the grand age of 92!

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Fayina by piano

Fayina was living with her son and daughter-in-law in Beit Shemesh when their marriage broke up. Her son went away, and Fayina continued living with his ex-wife. All was well until a new man came into her ex-daughter-in-law’s life….

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